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Currency conversion, U.S. Customs, vaccinations, weather...you have questions, we have answers.  Here are a number of travel resources to help you prepare for your trip.  Can't find what you need?  Ask Sondra, your Travel Designer is at your service to help.


Getting ready for that remarkable vacation takes a little preparation.  Below you'll find the essential information you need on Passports and Travel Visas, and Travel Insurance.


You may also feel like browsing through e-brochures to be inspired about regions of the world you might consider for your vacation.


Traveling Soon and Need a Passport?

Fastport Passport can secure your U.S. Passport as fast as 24 hours. If you have upcoming travel plans and you need rush passport service, then Fastport Passport can help! 



International Driving Permit

Planning to drive overseas? You may need an International Driving Permit! Fastport Passport can secure your International Driving Permit as fast as 24 hours. The IDP is accepted in over 150 countries and translated into 11 languages.



Center for Disease Control
Cholera in Mexico?  Measles in Japan?  The Center for Disease Control can provide you with important information on how to stay healthy and safe during your travel.  Learn about what vaccines you should have and medicines you may need based on where you are going, and discover many useful tips.



Currency Converter
Get up to date currency conversions right here:


Currency Converter



National Park Service
Looking to get close to Nature?  Love hiking, camping, fishing?  Whether you want the shore, the mountains, or something in between, visit the National Park Service to find the perfect park with all the attractions, amenities, and activities you seek.



Port of Call (Schedule of Cruise Ships in Port)
Curious about which ships are in what ports?  Cruise TT provides port timetables and schedules.



Time Zones
If I leave today, will I get there yesterday?  Crossing time zones can confuse your body and mind.  Here's a World Map that lets you know when you are depending on where you are.



The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides guidance on security screenings at airports.  Get useful information about acceptable identification at Checkpoint, how to pass through the line faster, what items you can carry on (and what you can't), and much more.



U.S. Customs
If you have questions about what you can bring into the country, what you must declare, or if you travel with pets, or have questions about arrival/departure forms, CPB.com has the information you need.



And of course you want to know weather conditions so you can pack appropriately.  Weather Underground is a great source for weather information around the globe.